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STC stands for Sound Transmission Class
This is a rating for all common noises such as television, music, and speech.  The STC rating system has been around for decades and is much more commonly understood.  The chart below will help to compare STC rated units with one another.

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NOTE: Not all above STC ratings are available in Marvin products.  Chart above is not a guarantee of sounds that will be heard.  It is for sound reference only.
Although, STC ratings above the mid-30s are achievable they may compromise the aesthetics of the window through exterior combinations, interior sash panels, or creating a bulkier sash.  This is often done to achieve rates of Sound Transmission Class values that may be unnecessary for residential homes to obtain comfortable noise levels inside.
OITC stands for Outdoor - Indoor Transmission Class
This is a relatively new method for measuring sound transmission from the outside to the inside of a building.  This method is used for exterior noise specifically by focusing more on the low frequency traffic, construction, train, and plane sounds.

Please, see the Introduction and Product Performance manual for windows with STC/OITC rated glass makeups.  One glass makeup may not be rated for multiple product types.
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