FAQ Knowledge Articles

If the unit has casing the sill horns are cut flush to the side of the casing.

If unit has casing and extended sill horns then the sill horns are cut beyond the casing to whatever length is specified by customer.

If unit has no casing and no sill horn length specified, then sill horn length will be based on if the unit has 2” casing and the standard overlap of the unit – example would be a Wood Ultimate Casement (WUCA) w/no casing – 2” casing + 7/16” casing overlap = 1 9/16” sill horns.

If the unit has no casing and sill horn length is specified, sill horn length is beyond edge of frame.  Example:  no casing, 3” sill horns on a 35” frame width unit – the subsill with sill horns will be 41” long.