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Marvin Ultimate Casement and Awning full frame units are available with the Sentry II Powerdrive Window Operating System.

The Sentry II Power Window Operating System is supplied by Truth Hardware.  It is available on both Ultimate Casement and Ultimate Awning full frame (4 9/16" or greater jamb depth) windows.  This unique electronic window operating system is the perfect solution for hard to reach windows.

Use of the Sentry II Power Window System will require locking and unlocking of the window.  Leaving the locks in the open position will alter performance of the window.

Ultimate Casement window locks will need to be operated manually even when attached with a Sentry II Power Window Operating System.

Ultimate Awning windows can be ordered with standard manual locking or with an Op-O-Lock hardware system applied for remote electronic locking to work in conjunction with the Sentry II Power Window Operating System. 

Size Limitations:
Ultimate Casement - Minimum 16" frame size width, available on all heights
Ultimate Awning -
  • Minimum 28" frame size width (18" frame size width without Op-O-Lock hardware) and minimum 15 1/8" frame size height. 
  • Maximum 72" frame size width and maximum 47 1/8" frame size height.

For more information, contact your local Marvin dealer