FAQ Knowledge Articles

1.  To obtain a Florida State Product Approval (PA) Number, open the Marvin Order Management System and print the quote for the desired unit (make sure the Proposal Template has the Performance data enabled). Under the line-item unit-image, you will find the Performance information listed; last line will denote the PA number beginning with “FL” followed by 5 digit number, for example:
Performance Grade
Licensee #981
AAMA/WDMA/CSA/101/ I.S.2/A440-08
LC-PG55 2413X2425.7 mm (96X95.5 in)
LC-PG55 DP +55/-55
In some cases the FL number will not be displayed. If this occurs, please contact Marvin directly at 800-533-6898 and ask for Technical Support and be prepared to provide the unit type and size and they will furnish the appropriate PA number.

2.  Navigate to the Florida Building Code Online www.floridabuilding.org and select “Find a Product or Application”. Enter the numeric portion of the PA number in the box for FL #; scroll down the page and select Search. In the Search Results – Application box, select the blue “link” and your PA will open.

3.  Print and/or save this document to a PDF w/appropriate naming convention for future referencing. In addition to this document, you will need to print and/or save the appropriate Installation Instructions and in some counties the Certification Agency Certificate is required.

NOTE: Marvin PA’s may contain many same-series windows with many performance grades included Impact (StormPlus) amd Standard non-impact. This is identified by a decimal point after the PA number; FL10956.1, .2 .3 etc. When distributing these PA’s you must mark-up and/or reference which unit in a PA you are submitting for.