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Marvin Windows and Doors utilize a water-borne stain on all its factory stained products that are provided exclusively to Marvin. These stains are made specifically to meet Marvin standards and application processes.  The actual stain that Marvin uses is not available for retail sale.
Sherwin-Williams, a retail provider of paints and stains, can provide two options for the consumer looking to stain wood millwork the same colors used on Marvin window and door factory stained products.  These stains are only available in a water-borne base.   The planned application method of the stain will determine which option is best suited for you. 
  • Option 1:  Wipe or brush – Often preferred for the “do it yourselfer”.  Is applied by cloth or foam brush.   This stain is readily available at Sherwin-Williams retail locations.
  • Option 2:  Spray – Used most often by a professional finisher.  The spray stain formula was developed to be used with a spray gun; it cannot be wiped or brushed on. 
Note:  the spray version of the stain often requires an extended lead time of 10 – 14 days.
Marvin offers six color options for interior stain finish. Those colors can be seen in this link.

Many factors will influence the final look of your stained product, including the wood species and application method.  Stain allows wood characteristics, such as grain patterns and natural wood features, to show through.  Sanding and conditioning wood prior to stain application is recommended and will provide a base coat prior to the application of the stain.
When purchasing a stain from a Sherwin-Williams store it is recommended that you bring with you a  sample of the wood you plan to stain, as well as, a Marvin color stain sample (available from any Marvin Window and Door dealer).  The sample of wood can be used to verify that the color of the stain will meet your needs.  The Sherwin-Williams associate can then provide you with the color and type of stain needed, as well as instructions for application. 
All Marvin factory interior stained windows and doors have a clear top coat applied.   The top coat acts as a protective layer and also provides the sheen or gloss to the product.  In order to resemble the Marvin products, it is recommended that a satin water borne clear coat be applied to the Sherwin-Williams stains.  
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