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Guidelines on Round Top Grilles or SDL bars ship separate
For a better fit rate in the field due to inconsistencies of bending wood laminates almost all ship separate parts are made a little longer than necessary for fitting in the field.
Full surrounds are made to the template.
Customer might have to do a little sanding to make it fit.
Grids and grilles are all made longer unless accompanied by a customer template stating “Cut to fit template”. We have a small note we fasten to the part stating it has to be made longer for fitting.
If fasteners are needed, the slots are cut deeper into the part to allow for the extra length for fitting and fasteners are sent with the part.
Fitting in the field can be done very easily.
An interior bar such as Direct Glaze units is just a straight cut.
On the interior of sash units you would need to sand for the reverse cope. Example would be ogee profile.