FAQ Knowledge Articles

Per the Marvin Wood/ Clad Bow or Bay Installation Instructions, a Marvin Bow or Bay assembly is not in any application able to support itself. The Bow or Bay Assembly needs a proper supporting wall underneath which follows the angle or radius projection of the assembly (even in Cable Support System applications) to provide continuous support. There is not a "sag tolerance" for Marvin Wood/ Clad Bow or Bay window assemblies. 

If the units within your Bow or Bay assembly are out of square or sagging, and/or if the units within your Bow or Bay Assembly do not operate, latch or lock as they are supposed to, it is likely your Bow or Bay Assembly was not supported/ installed properly. 

Proper shimming is also extremely important. Under-shimming can cause the unit or assembly to sag out of square, and over-shimming can result in bowed jambs, head jamb, and/ or sill. These conditions can contribute to improper operation and poor performance of the unit/ assembly. 

It is recommended you check with the installer of the Bow or Bay assembly to determine the situational factors associated with the supporting structure and installation methods used for your Bow or Bay assembly.