FAQ Knowledge Articles

Use the following documents to install your Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation 2.0 (UDHNG 2.0) window:
  • The Window Rough Opening Prep and Flashing instructions will show you how to prepare an opening using the Method A1 Membrane Drainage System.  This will also show you how to flash, seal, and insulate once the window is installed.
  • The Clad Window Instructions will show you the basics of installing a clad window using nailing fin. It includes tips on how to level, plumb, and square a unit in the opening.
  • The UDH-NG 2.0 Supplemental Installation Instructions will show you the nuances of installing your UDH-NG 2.0 window including removing shipping clips, shimming details, through jamb installation including cover removal, and details on picture unit installs.

Note on RO Prep

Consideration of the window installation and wall as a system is important. The recommended method in these instructions and referenced elsewhere are intended to do just that. These details follow the concept that stopping air flow into the RO cavity will aid in managing water intrusion. Striving to form a continuous air barrier, water drainage plane, an insulation barrier, and a continuous vapor barrier is best practice; matching the window installation to the design of the actual wall system.

For more information on the UDHNG and related documents, click here.