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After you have found the unit you want in the Product Catalog, click it so it is highlighted(gray in color).

Use the “Add Unit to Project” button to add it to your project.  The message “1 Unit(s) added to Project” will appear right below this button. 

Then, click the “Project…” button to get to the Project field. 

Select the unit you just added in the Project: screen.  Once highlighted, you will have the ability to click the “DivLite…” button.  The Divided Light dialog box will show you the lite cut options in the upper right corner.  Clicking on the “Rectangular” option will require you to select Lites Wide and Lites High. 

Once you have the lite cut looking like you want it, you will need to select the Type of muntins you would like.  The default is SDL 7/8” but the drop-down button will show you the other options available for that particular product type. 

If you have a two or three sash window, or a 2-or-more panel door, you can hit the Copy to All to achieve that same lite cut pattern on all sash or panels.  If they need to be different, simply click on the other sash or panel(s) and repeat the process.

When finished, click “OK” to return to the Project screen.

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