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The size of the screen for the Ultimate Inswing French Doors need to be adjusted if the door is ordered with the Mahogany Sill Cover because of the difference in sill height.

The screen needs to be ordered on a separate line by an adjusted Rough Opening (RO):

Adjusted Rough Opening Height = Actual Rough Opening Height - 0.875

For example, a Clad Ultimate Inswing French Door Call Number (CN) 3068 with a Mahogany Sill Cover has an Actual Rough Opening Height of 82.5.

82.5 - 0.875 = 81.625.

81.625 is the Adjusted Rough Opening Height to use when ordering.

The following comments will need to be sent in with the order.

  • Adjust RO height for unit with¬†Mahogany Sill Cover
  • Square cut btm Z bar


Adjusted RO for CN heights
CNAdjusted RO height
to order screen by

Note: Ordering screens for existing doors which previously did not receive screens may require a different mull cover. Contact Marvin Technical Support for Assistance at (800) 346-3363.

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