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Integrity products utilize a single style of clear screen plunger for all of its screens.  Part number 11900896 includes the clear cap, off white bolt, and the bolt spring.  Please refer to instructions below for screen plunger replacement.

Screen Plunger Replacement

1.) Ensure you have all three pieces needed to replace the plunger assembly, the plunger cap, the plunger spring, and the plunger rod.

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2.) Position the spring on the rod and near the outside of the screen. Place the cap on the inside of the screen.

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3.) Insert the spring and plunger through the wall of the screen.

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4.) Apply pressure to the plunger rod to compress the spring. While holding pressure, position the cap onto the rod and squeeze the assembly together until the cap snaps into position.

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For assistance ordering screen plungers or other service assistance for your Integrity product, please visit your local Integrity dealer or contact Integrity support at 800-727-7596.

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