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Marvin Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) bars are available in both standard and custom widths.  The standard SDL bar widths Marvin offers are 5/8”, 7/8”, and 1 1/8”.  Marvin also has additional standard width options available of 1 15/16”, and 2 13/32” to simulate checkrails, etc.  SDL bars are available with or without spacer bar.  An option for double spacer bar is available for some bar widths.  SDL lite cuts and spacer bars are subject to Marvin approval.

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Custom SDL bar thicknesses are also available.  Wood SDL bars are available in custom thicknesses between ¾” and 3”.  Custom Milled Clad SDL bars are available through our Signature Division in thicknesses up to 6”.  Extended lead times will apply for custom clad SDL bar thicknesses.

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