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A garden window (often called a greenhouse window) is a window box that protrudes from the wall. Typically, it will be comprised of five sash which are attached in a box shape. Most sash are fixed, though often one or two will be operable. Garden windows usually come with a frame and glass kit which can be inserted into the wall opening. Some choose to include shelves. Others just want the room to feel more spacious.
Marvin does not offer a garden window, per se. However, Marvin does offer 90-degree box bay units (as well as 30-degree, 45-degree and 60-degree units). This is available with a wood or an aluminum clad exterior. It doesn’t come with shelves. However, it can be ordered with a seat board which would allow you to set items in the unit.
For more information on Marvin’s Bay Window options, click here.
For Integrity and Infinity, 30-degree and 45-degree Bays are also available.