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Page 6 of the ADM has a visual and instructions.
Follow these steps to measure an opening for Tilt Pac Replacement Sash

1. To find the sash opening height:
If the old window has Wood blocks holding the top sash in place, remove them. Lower the top sash for measuring clearance, then measure the height of the window from where the top sash meets the head jamb to where the bottom sash meets the sill when the bottom sash is fully closed.
2. To find the sash opening width:
Take an inside measurement of the frame from jamb to jamb.
3. To find the sill angle:
Raise the bottom sash and place a carpenter’s protractor on the sill, the angle will register. Marvin’s standard bottom rail is
14 degrees, other angles must be specified.

NOTE: Double Hung sash shown above. Instructions and measuring locations apply to Single Hung, Magnum Double / Single Hung sash.