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Sash limiter is an option on restricting the sash travel available in clad or wood Ultimate Casement, Ultimate Replacement Casement, Ultimate Awning, and Ultimate Replacement Awning.  Push Out Casement specifically is available with a limiter.  

However, if Egress is also required, a Window Opening Control Device could be required.  The Window Opening Control Device limits sash travel to less than 4” and offers a two step release option that will allow the sash to travel fully if needed.  Once the sash is returned to the closed position, the Window Opening Control Device will reset itself to restrict opening to 4” again.

For more information on Window Opening Control Devices, visit here.  Also consider this video and the multiple resources found when searching here.

Sash limiters are available to order to be field applied in the Ultimate Double Hung Magnum, Ultimate Glider, Ultimate Push out Casement as an either factory or field applied option.

The Ultimate Casement Sash Limiter instruction is here.  The Ultimate Double Hung Magnum Sash Limiter instruction is here.