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If you have a brand new, bare wood Marvin Signature window or door, you must finish it immediately to prevent possible damage to the wood. Make sure the bare interior surface is clean and dry. Remove any handling marks, debris, or effects of exposure to moisture by sanding lightly with fine sandpaper and wiping clean before applying your choice of finish. Marvin uses a rubber-like material between glass panes and wood sash frames to ensure a weather tight seal. Occasionally, an excess of this silicone sealant, called “squeeze-out”, appears around the edge of the glass. You can safely but gently scrape off squeeze-out with a plastic putty knife without damaging the weather tightness of your door or window.
When applying a finish, it is imperative that you do not come in contact with weather strip, vinyl, plastic, metal or any other non-wood parts. Do not apply a finish to any surface which has an abrasive or sliding contact with another surface such as Double Hung and Single Hung Tilt Pacs; Magnum Double Hung, and Magnum Panning Systems. Solvents in paints, stains and varnishes will cause plastic or vinyl parts, in particular, to become brittle and require replacement.
Prior to staining it may be desirable to apply a wood conditioner to obtain a more even finish. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions.
Apply stain according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply as many coats of stain as necessary to achieve the desired color. After the stain is thoroughly dry, apply at least two coats of sealer (i.e. varnish or polyurethane).
Use only high quality primer and paint. To provide a good adhesion of paint, a compatible prime coat should be applied. Paint with sash or panels open (or removed) and do not close until thoroughly dry. Apply primer and paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

For more information on Care and Maintenance of your Marvin Signature products, please see:
Marvin Owners Manual