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Marvin does not offer any alarm system options from the factory. Marvin makes no recommendations regarding the selection or installation of alarm systems. If you choose to use an after-market alarm system with your Marvin products, the warranty could be affected. If the alarm system requires any alteration to the unit itself, it would void the warranty or at least parts of the warranty.

There are many factors to consider when installing an alarm system.  For example, there are numerous styles of alarm systems with each requiring it’s own unique installation method to function properly.  Many alarm systems are “hard wired”, while others are wireless.  Some accept fire protection sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, combustible gas detectors, etc.  Also, depending upon the location of these sensors the question of the need to add anti-freeze low temperature switches for cold climate applications must be considered.  These are only some of the factors that need to be considered when installing a residential alarm system.  In addition, the question of local code requirements must be researched and addressed as well.

An example of detrimental modification could be the drilling of holes in exterior surfaces of the product's sash or frame that are not properly sealed and water damage occurred.  Moreover, regardless of whether the installer sealed the holes in this example, any damage caused by water passing through the holes would be outside coverage under the warranty. 

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