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Product performance can be defined several ways. The two most frequent forms of performance are product performance and energy performance.  Product performance (a measure of Air, Water and Structural performance) is third-party tested to WDMA standards. Energy performance is third-party tested to NFRC standards.

Product Performance
Certified Sizes and Ratings for products are available in each product’s Architectural Detail Manual (ADM).

Open the Clad Ultimate Casement ADM and find the “Certified Sizes and Ratings” page in the Table of Contents. You will find charts showing the tested sizes and the design pressures/performance grade.  This is a measure of a product’s Air, Water and Structural performance.

Energy Performance
If you are looking for information on a product’s energy performance, please use the Energy Data charts.

To find Energy Data for many glazing options with the Clad Ultimate Casement, click here.