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A sash limiter is an accessory offered for a more permanent method of restricting sash travel.  However, if a means of Egress is also required, a Window Opening Control Device could be required.  The Window Opening Control Device limits sash travel to less than 4” and offers a two step release option that will allow the sash to travel fully if needed.  Once the sash is returned to the closed position, the Window Opening Control Device will reset itself to restrict opening to 4” again.

Sash limiters are available to order to be field applied to the Traditional Double Hung and the All Ultrex Double Hung and Single Hung products.  They are also available on the Wood Ultrex and All Ultrex Awning as an either factory or field applied option.

Window Opening Control Devices are available on all Integrity Casement, Double Hung, Single Hung, and Glider units.

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