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To create an assembly in MDS:
  • Add all units needed from the Product Catalog to your Project. 
  • In the Project Contents screen, select one of the units and then hold down the Shift key to select the others. 
  • Use the “Mull…” button to access the Mull dialog box. 
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, select the desired mull options (Mull Setting, Vertical Type, Horizontal Type). 
  • Next, click and drag each unit in the Palette area to the center Elevation area, setting them how you would like them to be placed in the assembly. 
  • Click “Add Unit to Project” when finished and a message in the lower left should say “1 mulled unit(s) added to project database. 
  • You can continue using the units in the Palette to create more assemblies or click “Close” to return to Project screen. 
Once in the Project screen, you should see the assembly or assemblies displayed in your project.