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Double-clicking on a file name without being in your project will open the file in Revit in the Family Editor mode and will not allow you to pick a call number size.  Instead, try loading this way:

Once an RFA and any accompanying TXT file have been saved(a compressed ZIP file must have its files extracted first) to your Revit library, use the Load Family tool found in the Insert ribbon of your project. 

Click on the drop-down box labeled “Look in:” to find the folder in which you have saved these files.  You should only see the RFA file even though, in most cases, the TXT file is the one that contains that call number information.  

Click to highlight the family you need and click “Open”.   A list of the standard sizes should appear in the Specify Types dialog box. 

Pick which one(s) you need and click “OK” to load it to your project. 

It will then be added to the appropriate Families location in your Project Browser.