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Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) bars have interior profile options and are available with or without spacer bars, and in many commonly used patterns.  Custom rectangular, radius, and gothic patterns are also available within some SDL and spacer bar limitations.  Custom patterns will need to be approved by Marvin.
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The standard interior profile on the SDL bars is Ogee for most products with an option for Square.  This was a change to standardize the interior profile across all windows and doors.  Some products do still use Ovolo profiles as the default option.  The illustration provides examples of sticking styles:

         OGEE                                SQUARE                                OVOLO
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See the Marvin ADM to verify what sticking applies per product or Marvin Parts Manuals for replacement part options.   

NOTE:  Marvin calls true divided lite (TDL) authentic divided lite (ADL).