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Marvin offers four doors that operate by sliding. Marvin offers a Sliding Patio Door and a Sliding French Door. Marvin also offers two Scenic doors that slide, the Ultimate Lift and Slide Door and the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door.  It also offers a Scenic Bi-Fold Door.  See Scenic Door Comparison.

Door configurations include one panel, two panel, three panel (a.k.a. triple panel) and more (even sixteen panels)!

Sliding French Door
The Marvin Ultimate Sliding French Door will enable you to enjoy the elegance and upscale look of a traditional swinging French door, with a space-saving sliding design. You can feel the superior quality in the substantial wood and the nearly effortless operation of the door sliding along the tough Ultrex sill. Available in sizes up to 16 feet, it’s easy to find a French door that speaks to your home’s style.

Sliding Patio Door
The Marvin Sliding Patio Door is a sophisticated, contemporary design created for smooth operation and dependable performance. From the super-tough Ultrex® sill to the energy-efficient design, these doors are a perfect addition to any space.

Ultimate Lift and Slide Door
Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors will add acres to your floor plan. Available in stunningly large sizes and numerous panel configurations, it allows for a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. Marvin’s industry-exclusive hardware virtually disappears to give you an incredibly clean and unobstructed view with simple, effortless operation.

Ultimate Multi-Slide Door
The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door is more than just a new panoramic door. It’s an entirely new lifestyle. Smoothly slide it open and invite into your home expansive views, fresh air and an abundance of warm, natural light. Available with a low profile flush sill or performance sill option that achieves a LC-PG40 rating and extremely low standard U-Factor of 0.28, making the Ultimate Multi-Slide Doors performance as exceptional as the views they frame.

To learn more about the Features and Options or view the Technical Documents for the Sliding Patio Door and a Sliding French Door, click on their product pages.

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