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Yes, the Ultrex material utilized by Integrity and Infinity is indeed a paintable surface.

Below is a list of instructions and recommendations provided by Integrity/Infinity for painting your Ultrex product.
 Ultrex® Refinish Information
Painting Ultrex:
You will need to supply:
• 320 - 400 Grit sandpaper
• Foam paint brush
• Masking tape
• Quality exterior grade acrylic latex paint
Spot test a small area using the following procedures:
*After the seven to ten day acrylic latex paint cure time check to see if the paint has adhered to the unit If the paint has not adhered to the surface, recheck the surface preparation procedures
1.) Thoroughly sand the factory finish with 320 – 400 grit sandpaper.
2.) Wash the surface with water and detergent to remove contaminants, rinse with clear water, and dry thoroughly.
3.) Mask any window components that will not be painted.
4.) Coat the Ultrex with a quality exterior-grade acrylic latex paint.
5.) Acrylic latex products gain full adhesion after seven to ten days cure.

Please refer to your Integrity Owner's Manual or Infinity Owner's Manual for preparation and painting recommendations.