FAQ Knowledge Articles

If the product was built since 2004, there will be etching in the top-right corner of the glass. On the third line, there is a sequence of one letter followed by 11 numbers. Provide your Marvin representative with that information to learn more about your original order. This information is very important in determining the year of production, products ordered, sizes, options, etc. If you are able to take a picture of this etching, that will be helpful.

For Marvin product built in 2002 or 2003, there will be a sticker in one of the corners of the glass. You will find a series of numbers that will help determine information on when that unit was produced.

For product built before 2002, there is an etching in the spacer bar that says “Marvin Windows and Doors.” This could be found anywhere around the unit.

For additional support, please call 1-800-533-6898.