All Ultrex Polygon

Dream big with All Ultrex Polygon windows. Rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and more—eight unique shapes in all—give you the freedom to create almost any window arrangement you desire. And thanks to the strength and precision of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, Integrity Polygon windows can be as large as 49 square feet.

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  • Eight shapes, including: rectangles, triangles, pentagons and octogons
  • Sizes up to 49 square feet
  • Low-maintenance Ultrex exterior and interior
  • Pairs well with all Integrity All Ultrex styles
  • Color matched and neutral dark components available with bronze and ebony interior finishes

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Energy and Performance Data

Energy performance data for select combinations of options is shown below. Please consult our Energy Information Finder for specific product and option information.

All Ultrex Direct Glaze Polygon

Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Argon0.280.240.57NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Argon - GBG0.280.220.51NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Air0.320.240.57S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Air - GBG0.320.220.51S
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Argon0.290.600.69N
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Argon - GBG0.290.540.62N
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Air0.330.600.69
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Air - GBG0.330.540.62
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Argon0.230.240.55N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Argon - GBG0.230.220.50N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Air0.260.240.55N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Air - GBG0.260.220.50N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Air0.470.680.72
Insulated Glass - Air - GBG0.470.620.65
Insulated Glass - Argon0.450.680.72
Insulated Glass - Argon - GBG0.450.620.65
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Air0.320.370.63
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Air - GBG0.320.330.56
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Argon0.280.360.63N, NC
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Argon - GBG0.280.330.56N, NC

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