All Ultrex Single Hung

These traditional All Ultrex windows offer the timeless aesthetics of a double hung design with a single operating sash and the strength and performance of Ultrex. Most sizes are available in DP50 performance. Factory and field mulling are available for installing multiple assemblies.

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  • Low-maintenance Ultrex exterior and interior
  • Low-profile ergonomic sash lock
  • Lower operating sash tilts and removes easily for cleaning
  • Available in equal, cottage and reverse cottage sash configuration
  • Standard half screen or available full screen
  • Color matched and neutral dark components available with bronze and ebony interior finishes

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Energy and Performance Data

Energy performance data for select combinations of options is shown below. Please consult our Energy Information Finder for specific product and option information.

All Ultrex Single Hung

Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Air - GBG0.330.200.46S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Argon0.290.220.51NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Argon - GBG0.290.200.46NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Air0.330.230.51S
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Air - GBG0.340.300.51
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Air0.340.340.57
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Argon0.300.330.57NC
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Argon - GBG0.300.300.51NC
Insulated Glass - Air0.480.620.65
Insulated Glass - Air - GBG0.480.560.58
Insulated Glass - Argon - GBG0.460.560.58
Insulated Glass - Argon0.460.620.65
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Argon0.310.550.63
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Argon - GBG0.310.490.56
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Air0.340.540.63
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Air - GBG0.340.490.56
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Air0.280.220.50NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Air - GBG0.280.200.45NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Argon0.250.220.50N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Argon - GBG0.250.200.45N, NC, SC, S

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