All Ultrex Round Top

The All Ultrex Series Round Top window is the one radius-edge window whose strength matches its beauty. Made from glass-reinforced composite and finished with Integrity’s acrylic capping technology, you get a stunning complement to any Integrity All Ultrex Series window that will last for years to come.

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  • Extra-strong, glass-reinforced composite core with acrylic capping
  • 40% stronger and more rigid than vinyl
  • True Half, True Half Above Springline and Eyebrow Above Springline available in standard and special sizes.
  • Pairs perfectly with Integrity All Ultrex windows and doors
  • Color matched and neutral dark components available with bronze and ebony interior finishes

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Energy and Performance Data

Energy performance data for select combinations of options is shown below. Please consult our Energy Information Finder for specific product and option information.

Composite Round Top

Insulated Glass - Air0.480.680.72
Insulated Glass - Air - GBG0.480.620.65
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Air - GBG0.330.220.51S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Argon0.290.240.57NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Argon - GBG0.290.220.51NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 - Air0.330.240.57S
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Air - GBG0.340.540.62
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Argon0.300.600.69N
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Argon - GBG0.300.540.62N
Insulated Glass - Low E1 - Air0.340.600.69
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Air0.260.240.55N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Air - GBG0.260.220.50N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Argon0.240.240.55N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Low E3 / Low ERS - Argon - GBG0.240.220.50N, NC, SC, S
Insulated Glass - Argon0.460.680.72
Insulated Glass - Argon - GBG0.460.620.65
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Air - GBG0.330.330.56
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Air0.330.370.63
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Argon0.290.360.63NC
Insulated Glass - Low E2 - Argon - GBG0.290.330.56NC

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