Introducing Designer Black Painted Interior Finish

Black. It is the complete absence of light, and the total presence of sophistication. It is the color of high fashion, drama and mystery. Black is strong, bold and assertive. It projects an image of power, confidence and control. Elegance with a razor edge. Refined and rebellious. Modern yet timeless. Black is many things, but never is it ordinary.

This is why Marvin's new Designer Black painted interior finish is not a color. It's an attitude

What are designers saying:

"Black interior finish is a current spin on a classic look, both contemporary and traditional. Black interiors replicate the feel of a European metal window as well as a painted Colonial sash in a traditional or historic application, just with a modern interpretation. Painting a traditional double hung window black does bring it from the traditional to the transitional, a nod to both styles. And casement windows with horizontal SDL bars in black feel sleek and stream lined."

- Barbara Bradlee, Brand Representative and Design Consultant for Marvin at 7 Tide

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