Interior View

Features of the Marvin Awaken Skylight

  • A HOME THAT BREATHES ON ITS OWN: Smart venting helps regulate indoor temperatures automatically with sophisticated rain and CO2 sensors that determine the best times to be open, and when to close.
  • AUTOMATED OPERATION: Operation through a user-friendly app, voice control through smart home systems like Alexa, Google Assistant and Smart Things, or a simple wall switch eliminates the need for cumbersome manual operation.
  • EXTEND THE SUN: Natural light is a mood and productivity booster. Extend sunshine hours with soft, customizable LED lighting that mimics daylight long after the sun has set or settled behind the clouds.
  • DAYLIGHT ON YOUR TERMS: Let the sun in when you want it and dim it out when you don’t. Sleek, built-in black out or translucent shades put you in control with the tap of a finger.
  • FROM SKYLIGHT TO CENTERPIECE: Traditional skylights go dark when the sun does. Our soft LED lighting creates a softly lit gathering place and the comfortable feeling of natural light, day or night.
  • NOTHING BETWEEN YOU AND NATURE: Multiply nature views from the indoors, without screens that get in the way. Our unique, hidden perimeter screen keeps bugs and debris where they belong without interfering with views of the blue sky and greenery outside.
  • DESIGNED TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION: A sleek frame design creates a clean look with minimal interruption to the glass. With larger standard sizes and the biggest operational units on the market, architects and builders can easily specify the size and shape that best integrates with the design of a space.