Interior View

Features of Marvin Skycove

  • CAPTURE LIGHT AND VIEWS: A thin structure and sightlines less than 3” including vertical posts create a seamless connection to the outdoors and more light than traditional rough openings. The cantilevered structure provides unique, elevated vantage points and the top glass opens the view to the sky above.
  • EXTENDS LIVABLE SPACE: Carefully selected sizing makes the space large enough for more than one person to use, but comfortable enough to be a cozy relaxation space for one. The integrated bench offers 14-18 square feet of usable space.
  • A CONTEMPORARY STATEMENT: A minimal, geometric aesthetic and glass on all sides offers a more immersive panoramic views than a traditional bay or bow window, and the projected structure is complemented with a built-in bench for comfortable seating.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN OPTIONS: An aluminum interior provides a simple, clean aesthetic with an elemental material, and its seating bench can be finished out to suit any home style. The frame includes a built-in recess for shades solutions if more privacy is desired.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Climate-specific glazing, insulation at the bottom of the unit, proprietary high-density fiberglass exterior and dual or optional triple-pane glass help regulate temperature. Low E3 glass is standard to reduce solar heat gain.
  • BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE: Our patent-pending steel structure is independently certified and designed to hold a heavier load than the average outdoor deck and accounts for both live and dead loads within the unit. A four-degree sloped, flush glazed roof with waterproofing protects the structure from water infiltration.
  • WORRY-FREE SPEC AND INSTALLATION: Arrives on the job site fully assembled and ready for install. Installation takes less than a day and no additional pieces or parts are required. Factory-warrantied solution means the architect or builder doesn’t have to take on the same type of risk inherent in custom-designed solutions.