• The carousel is a collection of heroes meant to be used at the top of a page.
  • You can adjust the Navigation Type to have Bullets, Bullets With Previous Next, None, Numbers, Numbers With Previous Next, or Previous Next.
  • The Slide Transition can be a Basic Transition, FadeIn Transition, Slide Horizontally Transition, or Slide Vertically Transition.
  • The Display Time can be adjusted.
  • Optional Pause on Hover; Default checkbox is checked.
  • Optional arrows on both sides of heroes.
  • The background image has the following options to focus on different parts of the image as the screen sizes change...Horizontal Full Left, Mid Left, Middle, Mid Right, Full Right and Vertical Full Top, Mid Top, Middle, Mid Bottom, Full Bottom
  • This carousel has all of the variations of the Overlay Hero Carousel Variant

Name: Carousel
Navigation Type: Bullets
Slide Transition: Basic Transition
Slide Display Time: 7000
Pause on Hover: Checked