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We spend more time indoors now than ever. We believe these spaces help us connect to each other and the world around us, recharge and escape, and feel safe, secure and healthy. That’s why we set out to research the power of light, air and views with sleep scientists, astronauts and homeowners from the happy city of Denmark, to the crowded streets in Japan to some of the darkest places in Alaska. These conversations led us to develop two new to the world products designed to support happier, healthier living.


light from skylight windows showing on a woman's hands


Healthy biological rhythms need the right kind of light at the right time to boost your mood, enhance sleep and support productivity.

view of a field in the countryside


We spend 90% of our time indoors, where air can be more polluted than outdoors. Fresh breezes and good ventilation are vital to a healthy indoor environment.

sky views through Marvin skylight windows


Connecting the indoors to the outside world builds a sense of optimism, boosts our mood, and provides energy that helps us live better.

Designed with our Users at the Center

For forward-thinking architects, interior designers, homeowners and builders, Marvin Awaken and Marvin Skycove windows create a space for air, light, view, and comfort.

"It's a fabulous concept! Light is the differentiator!"


— Homeowner

(Marvin Awaken Skylight)

“I love the crisp lines and the narrow profiles.”


— Builder

(Marvin Skycove)

“If lights are integrated into the frame, it takes away the need for a custom solution.”


— Architect

(Marvin Awaken Skylight)

Discover Awaken Skylights

The Marvin Awaken Skylight was built to harness light and air in new ways. This smart skylight window is the first to offer built in, tunable lighting that mimics the ideal color temperature of natural light to provide the right light at the right time. Its unique, connected features make it easy to live better.

Marvin awaken skylight window with customizable lighting

Enjoy the right light at the right moment

Marvin Awaken is the first skylight window to offer supplemental, customizable lighting. The energy-efficient lighting emits a soft glow of ambient light that can be tuned to mimic the relaxing glow of sunlight or fill a space with cool, energizing tones. No matter where you live, what time of year it is, or which direction your house faces, the Marvin Awaken Skylight helps surround you with the perfect amount of natural light.

Marvin Awaken vented skylight that opens on all sides

Breathe new energy into your space

It's easy to refresh any space with Awaken's first-of-its-kind venting system. Awaken opens on all four sides, filling your home with fresh air faster than traditional hinged units. Smart sensors monitor weather conditions and air quality, letting you know the right time to open. So, relax and take a deep breath while your skylight does the work for you.

top view of a tree's branches through skylight window

Bring the outdoors in

Views of the outside world give us a calming sense of place, which is why Awaken’s skylight features have been thoughtfully integrated into the frame. Its durable fiberglass structure has been designed with narrow sight lines, creating more space for glass and sky views. And Awaken’s patent-pending skylight screen only surrounds the perimeter of the unit instead of obscuring the glass, leaving nothing between you and the view.

front view of house with Marvin Awaken skylight windows

Design Flexibility

Fulfill your design vision with a wide range of skylight window sizes, including the biggest operational units on the market. And thanks to Awaken’s low, sleek profile, even the largest sizes will not dominate a roofline. The thoughtful lighting and shading options allow you to create an atmosphere to fit the needs of any room. And the Awaken colors match other Marvin windows and doors for a seamless pairing across all product lines.

Well-being the way you want it


We believe new products should be simple to use from day one, so we designed the controls on Awaken’s ventilation, lighting, and shading to seamlessly fit into existing routines and function with products that people are familiar with.

woman looking at Marvin app to adjust smart skylight windows across the home

Intuitive App

A simple, user-friendly app helps homeowners easily adjust a single skylight or control multiple skylights together. The app can also create preset modes that control light and air on a weekly schedule.

Marvin awaken skylight window's wall switches and remote

Wall Switches + Remote

Place wireless wall switches at convenient locations in a room without the need for internet access, mobile apps or electrical wiring. Magnetic backing makes it easy to remove and use as a remote.

google home to sync with smart skylight windows from Marvin

Voice Control + Automations

Breathe life into your home by asking your digital assistant to open your Awaken Skylight. Ventilation, lighting, and shading can be controlled with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings.

Features of The Marvin Awaken Skylight Windows

  • Parallel projection venting creates an opening on all four sides for faster and more efficient air circulation
  • Hidden perimeter screen keeps insects and debris out without obscuring the view
  • Dimmable LED lights tunable from 2200k (comparable to light at sunrise/sunset) to 5000k (comparable to the sun at noon)
  • Integrated blackout or light filtering shades available
  • Lighting, venting, and shades can be operated with a wall switch, app, or home automation systems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings
  • Integrated sensors close the skylight when rain is detected.
  • Narrow sightlines provide more visible daylight compared to current offerings from other manufacturers
  • Flush glazing sheds debris and prevents pooling
  • Fiberglass composite frame with stainless steel hardware

Discover Skycove

Imagine an inviting space, flooded in light, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a close friend or escape into a good book. Marvin Skycove is a fully constructed, box glass structure that projects into the open air creating a smart extension of usable space that delivers stunning, panoramic views.

Marvin Skycove projected box windows

Valuable Space

Skycove is a projected glass window structure that creates a smart extension of up to 20 square feet of valuable space without extending a home’s footprint. Whether located in a bustling living area, or placed in intimate rooms like bedrooms and dens, Skycove can be your favorite retreat.

family sitting in Marvin Skycove box window structure

Enhanced Connections

Skycove’s ample and customizable seat bench is the perfect nook for rejuvenating solo time, or a place for people to gather, engage, and share. It provides a cozy space that’s bathed in light and surrounded on all sides by the kind of outdoor connections humans crave.

Backyard view of Marvin Skycove projected glass window structure

Trusted Innovation

Skycove is fully constructed in the factory where critical tolerances can be controlled, which is why Marvin stands behind Skycove with a 10-year product warranty.

Features of Marvin Skycove

  • Adds up to 20 square feet of usable space
  • Integrated steel structure with high density fiberglass frame
  • Strong enough to accommodate multiple people
  • Higher live load capacities than most decks
  • The 4° slope on the top glass and flush glazing sheds debris and prevents pooling
  • Narrow 2 7/8” sightlines provide expansive, unobstructed views
  • Insulated seat cavity
  • Finished seat boards available in pine, red oak, and mixed-grain Douglas fir
  • Colors match other Marvin windows and doors for a seamless pairing across all product lines
  • Fork pockets built-in for easy installation
  • Certified and warrantied, unlike custom-built options
  • 10-year product warranty

Marvin Awaken Skylights and Marvin Skycove are available at the following dealers

Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge
Portland, Maine

Marvin Design Gallery by Premium
Hyannis, Massachusetts

Mid Cape Home Center
South Dennis, Massachusetts


Windows and Doors by Brownell
Williston, Vermont

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