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Marvin Signature® Collection

Ultimate Impact Products

Durable to the last detail

Thanks to their superior exterior cladding and finish, and smart design, the impact rated windows and doors in our Ultimate product line are as beautiful as they are strong. We’re one of the few window manufacturers to offer premium high-quality extruded aluminum cladding as our standard. The finish on our Ultimate products meets AAMA 2605 standards for extruded aluminum—the highest standard in the industry. AAMA 2605 requires multi-step pre-treatments for the best long-term adhesion of the coating to the metal, so our clad extrusions are formed first and then painted. That means your cladding products will retain their color, gloss, and beauty for years to come.

If you prefer all-wood windows, we offer a variety of species that perform well in harsh coastal conditions.

Ultimate Impact-Rated Windows

Ultimate Impact-Rated Doors