Windows and doors specifically designed for the extreme weather conditions

Coastal living is beautiful and serene until the storms hit. When you live by the water, you need to know that your windows and doors will stand up to the challenge of coastal conditions. We offer windows and doors specifically designed for the extreme conditions and construction requirements of coastal zones.

Marvin impact-rated windows and doors are designed to protect your home from the elements. They are rigorously tested by third-party agencies to meet the most stringent coastal codes. Our impact products protect against flying debris, driving rain, cyclic pressure, powerful UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Durable and long-lasting, Marvin impact windows and doors are built on the foundation of 100 years’ experience and expertise.

Explore the Marvin Impact-Rated Product Portfolio

Product Line Interior Material Exterior Material Impact Rated Products Availability
 Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum All Marvin Coastline dealers in southeast coastal regions
Ultimate Wood Extruded Aluminum or Wood Specific product types and configurations Across the Marvin
dealer network
Elevate Wood Fiberglass Specific product types and configurations Across the Marvin
dealer network

Designed for Coastal Living

Sea Turtle

The “Turtle Code”

Many of our products can be specified to meet Sea Turtle Conservation Codes, which help to reduce the light and reflection that can confuse sea turtle hatchlings. Thanks to this code, hatchlings get less disoriented and are more likely to find their way to the sea.

Exterior View Of House Entrance With An Open Signature Ultimate Swinging French Door


Marvin coastal hardware features durable, corrosion resistant metals, and finishes that are formulated to stand up to high humidity, salt spray, and the intense UV rays from the sun.

Marvin Impact Windows

Impact Glass

Impact resistant glass is designed to protect your home against damage caused by hurricane force winds. Impact resistant glass generally consists of two laminated glass layers with an interlayer that helps stop flying debris. Even if the glass shatters in place, the laminated layers preserve the overall structural integrity of the window.

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