In harsh coastal conditions, your windows and doors matter


Coastal living is beautiful and serene until the storms hit. When you live by the water, you need to know that your windows and doors will stand up to the challenge of coastal conditions. We offer windows and doors specifically designed for the extreme conditions and construction requirements of coastal zones.

Marvin impact-rated windows and doors are designed to protect your home from the elements. They are rigorously tested by third-party agencies to meet the most stringent coastal codes. Our impact products protect against flying debris, driving rain, cyclic pressure, powerful UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Durable and long-lasting, Marvin impact windows and doors are built on the foundation of 100 years’ experience and expertise.

Marvin Coastal Solutions


  • As beautiful as they are strong

    Thanks to their superior exterior cladding and finish and smart design, the coastal windows and doors in our Ultimate product line are as beautiful as they are strong. We’re one of the few window manufacturers to use high-quality extruded aluminum cladding as our standard. Our finish coating meets AAMA 2605 standards for extruded aluminum—the highest standard in the industry.


    AAMA 2605 requires multi-step pre-treatments for the best long-term adhesion of the coating to the metal, so our clad extrusions are formed first and then painted. That means your clad products will retain their color, gloss and beauty for years to come.


    If you prefer wood windows, we offer two wood species that perform well in harsh coastal conditions: Vertical Grain Douglas Fir and Mahogany.

  • Durable to the last detail

    Coastal windows and doors need to stand up to flying debris, gale-force high winds, driving rain, salt spray and blazing sun. That’s why all the extruded aluminum clad products in our Ultimate product line feature an extremely durable Fluoropolymar paint finish with 70% PVDF. This coating system offers outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss and chemicals.


    Our durable hardware is engineered to work seamlessly with our windows and doors, including corrosion-resistant hardware such as stainless steel multi-point lock bolts and fasteners, PVD handle set finishes and coastal-grade adjustable hinges.

  • Superior composite technology

    Our Elevate coastal windows and doors are made with fiberglass, a virtually indestructible material with UV-resistant finishes to withstand the sun. It passes AAMA 624 standards, meaning that the material has passed numerous, rigorous tests for weathering and fading resistance over the long term. Elevate coastal products’ DP Ratings (Design Pressure, which is a measurement of how many pounds per square foot of pressure a window or door can withstand) meet or exceed industry standards.


    Elevate products don’t sacrifice design—concealed reinforcement requires no bolt-on or manually engaged fasteners, so your windows and doors look sleek and refined while they protect your home.

  • Tested and proven to perform and protect
    Our Impact Zone (IZ) Certified windows and doors are designed to protect your home from the elements. Rigorously tested by third-party agencies to meet or exceed the most stringent coastal codes, our coastal products protect against flying debris, driving rain, cyclic pressure and temperature extremes. And you can rest easy knowing our industry-leading coastal warranty backs everything up.


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IZ3 And IZ4 Logos
The easy commercial-grade choice for meeting the toughest coastal codes.  IZ Certified windows and doors come in a range of commercial-grade styles and sizes for projects of all types. And building professionals working on commercial projects benefit from our full-service, full-support approach. Expect efficient quoting, fast in-house prototyping services, helpful project management and exceptional custom capabilities. We’re here to help you stand up to Mother Nature with products that perform to the highest standards.

Building Green


We are committed to building environmentally sustainable coastal products.


The "Turtle Code"

Many of our products can be specified to meet Sea Turtle Conservation Codes, which help to reduce the light and reflection that can confuse sea turtle hatchlings. Thanks to this code, hatchlings get less disoriented and are more likely to find their way to the sea.

Energy efficiency

Our coastal products meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications in all four regions, thanks to attributes like our abundant use of wood, a natural insulator, as well as high-performance glass such as our Low E2 or Low E3 glass, which reduces cooling costs by controlling solar heat gain.

Coastal Warranty

We’re committed to bringing you products of the highest quality and value, backed by an industry-leading warranty.
  • Our aluminum cladding finishes are covered by a limited warranty against manufacturing defects that result in chalk or fade for 20 years from the purchase date. Composite finishes are covered for 10 years.

  • Our 70% Kynar-finished aluminum cladding, stainless steel hardware, and PVD hardware are warranted against manufacturing defects that result in abnormal corrosion or deterioration of the exterior cladding or finish for a period of 10 years from the original date of purchase.

  • Non-coastal hardware and anodized or other specialty aluminum finishes are not recommended, and are not warranted in coastal environments. To view product-specific care instructions and complete warranty information for products in coastal environments, go to Marvin Warranty.



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