Warroad, MN
Key goals and vision for this position:
The Captain (pilot in command) is responsible for safe conduct of flights while ensuring compliance with all federal, state, local and foreign regulations, as well as company manuals, policies and procedures.   When assigned to a flight, the Captain has final authority for operation of the aircraft. The Second in Command (SIC) shares similar duties; but does not typically have final authority.

Major Roles/Functional Responsibilities:
• Conduct safe flights. Comply with manufacturer operating limitations and procedures, company policies and manuals, and FAA directives. Be an exemplary company representative by ensuring passenger comfort and affording them every possible courtesy.
• File flight plans for all flights and accomplish necessary coordination for international flights. Check departure, enroute and destination weather and airport conditions prior to flight.
• Coordinate travel arrangements/accommodations based on flight times and length (i.e. meals, hotels, fuel stops, etc.).
• Carry out miscellaneous duties as assigned by Department leadership (such as, washing planes, budget preparation, updating EFB and flight management systems, etc.). Exhibit an attitude of professionalism, cooperation, teamwork and helpfulness.
• Successfully complete company/FAA required training to include initial, recurrent and ground training.

• Mastery of aircraft capabilities within the operational environment and ability to safely fly therein.
• Correctly interpret and assess meteorological phenomena.
• Comply with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, aircraft systems/operating procedures, and company operating procedures and policies.
• Understand corporate goals.
• Fly aircraft safely and competently through all flight regimes.
• Crew Resource Management mastery.
• High integrity, initiative and motivation to excel.
• Good communication skills.
• Ability to work well with others in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.

• Aviation competence, including flight planning, pre-flight activities, flight safety, post-flight accuracy and completeness.
• Attitude, initiative, leadership, integrity, professionalism.
• Line check and Flight Safety International training performance.
• Human relations, customer focus, intra-office activities and teamwork.

• Commercial pilot certificated with multi engine and instrument ratings and type ratings as appropriate for company aircraft flown. Possess a minimum of 3000 hours total flight time.
• First class medical physical.
• RVSM training as appropriate.
• High altitude endorsement as necessary.
• Multi-engine turboprop and/or Cessna 560XLS (or similar) experience a plus.