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Taking luxe living to the most remote locations, we explore “shacks” that are bringing together the best nature has to offer—inside and out.

October 6, 2022

There can be many wonderful benefits when escaping to a remote location—benefits like peace and quiet, a close connection to nature and lack of light pollution. However, access to traditional building is often not one of them.

After 25 years of escaping to their remote hunting property, these cabin owners had long dreamed of building a vacation property on their land. But harsh conditions such as strong winds and heavy snow made a build difficult, prolonging their lifelong dream of a cabin retreat—until they discovered pre-fabricated luxury shacks.

Designed and built by Nomadic Shack, this dramatic 2,400-square-foot cabin was fabricated offsite and installed on the family’s property on Galloway Bay in Saskatchewan. Nomadic Shack’s mission is to bring luxury living to the most remote locations. Based in Prior Lake, Minn., Nomadic Shack homes are built on LVL beams or metal frames, allowing property owners to build where they never thought possible.

Modern rustic style entryway

The Saskatchewan cabin combines contemporary design with rustic style, making it extremely functional, durable and unique. The exterior features reclaimed barn wood from Montana, and large Marvin windows and doors for unobstructed views and a lot of natural light.

“We selected Marvin windows and doors because we really loved how we could see—from the raw wood to the finished product—the detail and quality that goes into this process,” said Angela Erickson of Nomadic Shack. “It is the same as what we hold ourselves to for our shacks.”

Inside, the ceiling is made with snow fence from Wyoming, contrasting with the dark exterior finish. Other interior details include Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, a Cambria kitchen island, cowhide swiveled bar stools and a down-free bedroom.

Built in just 60 days, this unique luxury shack demonstrates the power of pre-fabrication to help homeowners achieve their remote destination dreams.

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