An exterior photo of The Middletown Ridge House.
13 November 2020

Reclaim to Fame

When discussing his style, architect Ramsay Gourd often describes himself as a contextualist, in that he draws from the context of the location, time, and culture of a project. The Middletown Ridge house puts that style on full display.

The Middletown Ridge House is a marriage of reclaimed materials, modern technology, and regional craftsmanship. Its style is completely of the place and time that it was built, but the home’s layout reflects the 21st century lifestyle of the owners.

“This structure was a fun challenge,” says Architect Ramsay Gourd. “The timber frame was the starting point. The owner had purchased the frame, which was documented, disassembled, and in dry storage when we started designing. It was the kit of parts that launched the whole project. We figured out how to work with the dimensional limitations and developed a system to seamlessly add height to the primary mass.”

The incredible collaborative efforts of Ian Jensen of Vermont Country Builders, Beth Schoenherr of Sheridan Interiors, Mark Wright of Rugg Valley Landscaping and a myriad of local craftspeople working in stone, steel, and timber culminated in a wonderful home befitting its setting.

Clearly defined spaces open on to one another to create a plan that is simultaneously uninterrupted yet defined enough to make each area incredibly functional. A high-performance building envelope allows for energy efficiency, while not compromising the house’s connection with the outdoors.

A mix of white and black interior window finishes were chosen to suit the style in each room, always allowing the tree-lined views to bring your eye to nature. Windows brought all the way to the floor allow light to flood into the living spaces, creating areas for calm and retreat.

With an expansive island and natural wood touches, the kitchen is a gathering place that ties the first floor together.

The house is a composition of contrasts. Antique timbers and carefully selected fieldstones are juxtaposed against crisp painted woodwork. Custom fabricated steel by Sam Mosheim bridges the gap between the rustic and the modern. Finally, a variety of Marvin products, from monumental windows and customizable French doors to spandrel glass options, provide a palette of options to solve complex issues cleanly and gracefully.

Photos by Kelly McCaskill of Ridgelight Studio