Home at night with multiple Marvin Windows and Doors
20 November 2017

Mixing Styles for Added Drama

Mixing roof styles can allow for a home to take on dramatically different looks from front to back.

Bringing together a mixture of contrasting styles can be an overwhelming task. One way to accomplish the look while bringing a sense of drama and surprise to a home is to approach the front and rear design with separate style goals.

For the development of this residence, the homeowner tasked architect VirtuActive 3D Drafting & Design and builder Sierra Homes with mixing roof styles so that the front of the house looked completely different from the rear. The front elevation showcases all hip-style roofs—which creates a sleek ranch-style design—while the rear of the home is designed with shed-style roof lines to give the back a fresh look.

While the homeowners were initially striving for a one-story ranch layout, ultimately the lot size did not provide enough space to incorporate all the square footage needed to build their dream home. To achieve the homeowner’s needs, the final design called for the main level to feature the entertaining and living space, with the children’s and guest bedrooms and necessary storage located on the second floor.

Meeting style needs wasn’t the only challenge on this project. The homeowners and design team knew that the Nebraska property would also be subjected to the severe hail and wind storms that frequent the area. With durability in mind, the architect and builder chose window and door solutions from Marvin to provide the look of a steel-clad window that will hold up under the pressure of severe storms.

The home’s interior design called for the main level to be an open, light-filled entertaining and living space, and features large Elevate Sliding French Doors to provide easy access to the home’s outdoor space.

In addition, the contemporary styling of the windows and doors complement the architectural style of the residence, and flood the living areas with an abundance of natural light.

With thoughtful planning, traditional design rules can be tossed aside to achieve an unexpected home style that’s distinctly original.

Project Highlights
Name: Bluewater Contemporary Waterfront Residence
Location: Valley, NE
Architect: VirtuActive 3D Drafting & Design
Builder: Sierra Homes
Dealer: Window Innovations

Marvin Products Used:
Elevate Casement
Elevate Awning
Elevate Specialty Shapes
Elevate Sliding French Door

Blue Water was a winner in the 2017 Red Diamond Achiever Awards.