A man and woman in a modern kitchen featuring Marvin Awaken Skylights and Marvin Skycove.
22 March 2021

Window and Door Options Never Available Before Now

Did you know conventional windows and doors are not your only option? Find out how to leverage light, views, and air in new and thoughtful ways.

The demands of today’s busy schedules have driven us indoors, where we now spend almost 90 percent of our time commuting, at work, and inside our homes. This modern way of living disconnects us from the outdoors and from the natural light and fresh air we all require to be healthy. Here are some innovative products that are designed specifically to connect our favorite indoor spaces to the outside world, which can provide a greater sense of optimism, boost our moods, and supply us with energy to help us live better.

Lift and Slide: High-Performing Panoramic Doors

Installing a multi-slide door is a great way to leverage views of the natural world, flood indoor spaces with light, and open entire rooms to the outdoors. Multi-slide doors consist of more than one moving panel aligned in a row. They can be configured to fit huge openings, up to 12 feet tall and 50 feet wide. If you do find yourself in the market for a multi-slide door, be sure to check out a lift and slide.


The advantage of a lift and slide door is that the rollers the door glides on can be retracted so the entire weight of the door rests on the ground, creating a tight, energy-efficient seal. This is a smart feature, especially in colder climates. A lever is used to push the rollers back out, which lifts the door off the ground so it can once again glide along its track. When lifted, the weather-stripping completely clears the sill, making a lift and slide door exceptionally easy to open and close.


Standard multi-slide doors rely on a raised sill to create a weather resistant seal between the floor and the bottom of the door. Because a lift and slide door rests on the ground when closed, there is no gap that needs to be protected by a channel in the sill, which makes a raised sill unnecessary and allows the sill to sit flush with the flooring. Eliminating a raised sill creates a virtually seamless transition from inside to the outdoors and minimizes trip hazards.

Marvin Signature® Modern: Windows and Doors that Play Nice

Combining large windows and doors to create large glass walls is a great way to compliment a modern design and truly blur the boundaries between indoors and out. But mulling together windows to other windows or mulling windows to doors can result in poor performance and a chunky, incongruent aesthetic. The Marvin Signature Modern line was created to solve these very problems.


Marvin Modern windows and doors are engineered to work as part of a high-performing, unified system. The frames on Modern products are made with high-density fiberglass and can achieve larger sizes that perform at scale even in harsh climates. Modern windows and doors also provide narrow and consistent sightlines no matter how complex or large the configuration.

Bi-Fold Windows: Not Just for Restaurants Anymore

What’s nice about bi-fold doors is that when they’re open, the panels stack up against the walls leaving the whole space wide open. Like their bigger cousins, bi-fold windows can virtually pull a room outdoors. These types of windows have been used commercially for many years in restaurants and bars, but they’re now finding their way into our homes. Bi-fold windows are often found between porches and outdoor living spaces, but they’re also suitable wherever fresh air and unobstructed views are welcomed.

Marvin Awaken Skylight: The Skylight Reimagined

It’s true that skylights have been around for a while, but the Marvin Awaken Skylight has so many new-to-market features that it almost needs its own category. Awaken is the only skylight to provide supplemental lighting, so the space below won’t go dark at night. Also, the lighting can be adjusted to mimic the ideal color temperature of natural light—supporting circadian rhythm, easing transitions from day to night, and helping people feel better at home no matter where they live, what time of year it is, or which direction their house faces.

Marvin Awaken features four-sided projection venting, which circulates more air in less time than traditional single-hinged options, and the unit will close automatically when it starts to rain. Another benefit of projection venting is that a perimeter screen can be used instead of one that obscures the entire view of the outdoors. Awaken has narrow sightlines, which create a daylight opening that's up to five inches larger on each side than the industry average. The wide range of sizes and lengths, including the biggest operational units on the market, deliver near endless design opportunities. Awaken is also fully compatible with smart home systems and has smart sensors that alert you when changes in indoor VOCs are detected. At its conception, Awaken was designed to allow people to effortlessly create a personalized atmosphere inside their homes.

Marvin Skycove: A Cozy Nook Like No Other

Marvin Skycove is a glass structure that projects into the open air, enhancing connections with the outdoors. Skycove creates a smart extension of usable space, opens a room to panoramic views, and ushers in restorative light from four directions. This glowing jewel box generates an immersive experience and creates a calming space to enjoy a cup of coffee with a close friend, spend quality time with family, or escape into a good book. And while Skycove is a terrific way to leverage light and views, imagine yourself sitting in this space on a starry night or during a summer rain shower.

Marvin Has Well-Being in Mind

At Marvin, well-being is our guidepost. Our windows and doors are designed to help people feel balanced and healthy and are engineered to provide a sense of comfort and security. We strive to find new ways to thoughtfully bring light and fresh air into every inch of a building. We purposefully marry our 100 years of industry expertise with a forward-thinking approach to deliver people-first products inspired to help people feel happier and live better in their homes.