Home with Marvin Window and open Yellow door
10 September 2018

Gen Z Yellow: The Sunny New Favorite Hue

This color darling may have hit peak interest in the warm summer months, but we think that bold, joyful pops of yellow are here to stay—in the home and beyond.

Fashion magazines, home decor sites and celebrities alike have been flocking to sunny yellow accents as the color of the summer. Dubbed “Gen Z Yellow,” fashion sites were quick to predict that this bright hue was the next “Millennial Pink”—otherwise known as the muted bubble gum shade that has taken social media, interiors and accessories by storm.

Characterized by a vibrant and sunny shade of mustard meets (dare we say?) Marvin’s iconic yellow, Gen Z Yellow is equal parts energy and happiness. According to Apartment Therapy, “While yellow can be a polarizing color to wear, anything on the spectrum—from lemon to mustard—tends to be pretty easy to work with in design. Most designers and color experts seem to agree that yellows infuse a space with optimism, energy and cheeriness.”

Though its bold nature makes it a risky bet for some, toned down versions can be just as impactful. If trendier interpretations of Gen Z Yellow are too canary-colored for your taste, consider using the color sparingly as a cheerful punctuation in an otherwise neutral room.

Fall is approaching, but we’re simply not ready to let go of this warm, cheery hue. As we savor the last few weeks of warm temperatures here in the Midwest, we’ve rounded up our favorite rooms that harness the undeniable power of yellow.

Just a pop: These rooms prove that Gen Z Yellow doesn’t need to be overwhelming, nor does it need to compete with other design elements like an expansive window wall. A bright accent in furniture and artwork can elevate any color palette.

An unexpected focal point: The sun itself is no match for this cheerful entrance—turning a cozy cottage into an unexpectedly playful study in color contrast. Front doors are the perfect way to experiment with color (and make all of your neighbors jealous.)

Playing with pattern: With more texture and interest than paint, a bold wallpaper pattern is the perfect way to incorporate the happy energy that yellow brings. Reinforce with flowers and textiles that maximize the effect.

The bold and the beautiful: We might be biased, but we’re all in on yellow at the Marvin marketing offices. Floor-to-ceiling color—whether through paint or textiles—create a statement that, while bold, can always be changed if a new color du jour takes the spotlight.

Whether you’re bold or bashful when it comes to embracing color trends, a pop of Gen Z yellow might be just the pick-me-up your fall season needs.