Close up of Marvin Window
19 April 2018

Explore the Dark Side of Design

New dark interior finish options set the stage for bold color choices.

Defining a view. Making a confident statement. Walking the line between contemporary and traditional. Achieve it all with black as an interior window finish—a design choice that has proven to be more than a fad as it continues to gain popularity in residential palettes.

Incorporating the classic yet contemporary look of dark interiors is now even easier. Marvin Essential Collection windows and sliding patio doors have both Ebony and Bronze options—and we’ve expanded our Marvin Elevate Collection finishes to include Designer Black. Whether it’s contemporary farmhouse style, industrial-chic or a more contemporary style, dark is a design option we think is here to stay—and designers seem to agree.

“I always believe that the style imprint of any space is created by many architectural and decorative elements,” says designer Mary Douglas Drysdale. “In my view, black can be effectively used in a modern space as well as a transitional or even traditional space. It’s simply a tool for refocusing the emphasis created by a door or window.”

With a chameleon-like reputation, black is regarded as not only a tool that can play well with almost any design style, but also a color that can act both as a neutral and as a bold accent.

“Black is another neutral, just like white and beige,” says designer Barbara Bradlee of Bradlee Design. “Black is bold but it is both current and classic. It adds dimension to your space while also enhancing the view—drawing your eye through the window and beyond.”

A study in contrast, black pairs well with bold colors like recent Pantone Color of the Year Living Coral or bold pattern and prints in window treatments, textiles or wallpaper.

“I think that this interest in contrast reflects a more daring idea about design and building which reflects an optimism in our industry not experienced to this extent in years,” says Bradlee.