Sun room with large Marvin Windows
07 November 2017

Balancing Big Views and Privacy

Big glass and big views are in high demand, but some moments call for more privacy. Light control options can offer the best of both worlds.

Like sipping a coffee in the early morning light or watching the sunset, there are times when there’s nothing more beautiful than an unobstructed view through large windows. However, when the sun goes down, and it’s time to quietly gather or sleep, privacy should be at arms reach.

There are many types of window treatments to consider—from shutters to drapes and sheers to integrated shades—and the ideal treatment often depends on the level of privacy you need or want.

According to designer Gretchen Black, wooden shutters and blinds are effective at blocking out a lot of light for maximum privacy—and they’re aesthetically popular in her neck of the woods—but in rooms where complete privacy isn’t as key, pinch-pleat drapes are an excellent option. Darker color choices can help ground a large space or create a sense of warmth in a living area, while light, cool colors can help make a small space look larger and brighter.

“They add color and texture to your room, but they can also be easily moved aside to allow for the flow of daylight,” she said.

When just a bit of privacy is needed, semi-sheer window treatments offer subtle seclusion and provide a touch of added texture to a room. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, you can allow more or less light to filter through—which is key for spaces like a family room or living room that may benefit from a consistent bit of light.

Fun accents, like the blue tassel embellishments featured in the Southern Living Idea House, can add interest to functional window treatments.

Though shutters and blinds offer an easy way to manage light, this type of light management system can be difficult to keep clean. An option that’s easy to clean and operate is a fully integrated shade. Fully integrated interior shades become a seamless part of the window or door, and there are no visible cords or pulleys that interrupt your aesthetic or tempt your kids or your overly-curious cat.

No measuring is required for installation, and the precise fit means light won’t sneak through where drapes or blinds can often leave a gap. Marvin interior shades offer blackout and light-filtering fabric that holds its pleat—even when used on a large scenic or patio door that’s within reach of kids and pets.

As for that knocking sound when the wind blows your shades around? Integrated shades are quiet as can be, making for open windows with peaceful breezes—even when you’re in privacy mode.

Marvin interior shades are available on the following windows and doors:

Ultimate Double Hung G2
Ultimate Wood Double Hung
Ultimate Wood Double Hung Magnum
Ultimate Casement Narrow Frame
Ultimate Casement
Ultimate Awning Narrow Frame
Ultimate Awning
Ultimate Picture

Ultimate Sliding French Door
Ultimate Swinging French Door
Ultimate Sliding Patio Door