Hurricane Resistant Beach House - Design Inspiration
18 January 2018

Hurricane Resistant Beach House - Design Inspiration

To embrace its waterfront location, a beach house on the Long Island Sound needed strong construction and element-proof materials.

For homeowners in Sound Beach, New York, a property just feet from the ocean is a dream. But with proximity to the waterfront, amazing panoramic views aren’t all you get. Beach front homes are exposed to strong winds, rain, snow and other natural elements all year long. The salt and spray certainly takes its toll, and material choices are crucial to protecting a homeowner’s investment.

In building this seaside property, the focus was on keeping the home and the structure safe while also maximizing natural light and beautiful blue water views. This meant using double wood posts, hurricane connection tie-downs between roof and framing, and laminated beams that allowed larger window openings. It also meant carefully selecting a window and door material that was high strength, efficient and durable, with an exterior finish that required little maintenance.

A year-round retreat, this beach house was built with clean lines and a mid-century modern flair. Marvin Essential Collection Casements and Sliding Patio Doors bring ample light into the home’s living and dining space—maximizing ceiling height as another opportunity to take in the view through oversized windows.

The home takes advantage of every opportunity for floor-to-ceiling windows and water views, and Marvin Essential Double Hung and Single Hung windows offered options to fit the needs of the remaining living areas and bedrooms. Temperature fluctuations are a constant in any Eastern beach town, and these windows’ ENERGY STAR® rating helps offset energy costs in the coldest and hottest months of the year.

Because the exteriors on Marvin Ultrex® fiberglass windows have a patented, mechanically bonded acrylic finish, they resist chalking, fading, cracking and scratching even in the harshest sun, snow, wind and salt spray—so this beach house will be as sound in the future as it is today.

Project Highlights:
Name: Sound Beach House
Location: Sound Beach, NY
Architect: Shay Alster, GF55 Architects, LLP
Builder: Joe Giordano, Paramount Fabrication
Dealer/Distributor: Window Rama/Super Enterprises

Marvin Products Used:
Essential Casement
Essential Double Hung
Essential Single Hung
Essential Sliding Patio Door
Essential Awning

Sound Beach House was a winner in the 2017 Red Diamond Achiever Awards.