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Great American Homes

See how builders and architects incorporate the Ultimate Double Hung into American homes.

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Features, Options, and Specifications

Divided Lite Options

Marvin has a variety of ways to bring out the best in your window designs:

  • Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar (SDLS) - an energy-efficient way to create the look of divided lites. SDLS bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass. A spacer bar is installed between the glass, creating the essence of Authentic Divided Lites.
  • Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) - SDL bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass.
  • Authentic Divided Lite (ADL) - Separate pieces of glass are glazed between muntin bars-the way windows have been made since the beginning. Only now, Marvin's state-of-the-art design adds energy efficiency to traditional appeal.
  • Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs) - Grilles are permanently installed between the glass panes. This low-maintenance option creates the look of divided lites.
  • GBGs Color Choices for Exterior and Interior - Color options allow for two tone grilles-between-the-glass. Choose from 13 exterior colors or 4 interior colors.
  • Removable Grilles - Solid wood Grilles on the interior offer the look of a classic divided lites, but can be easily removed for cleaning.
Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar (SDLS)
Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)
Authentic Divided Lite (ADL)
Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs)
GBGs Exterior and Interior Color
Removable Grilles

Divided Lite Patterns

Marvin's custom capabilities allow us to create almost any divided lite pattern you can dream up. Divides lites can feature an array of muntin widths, unique muntin profiles, rectangular or radius cuts and more. Choose from an existing lite cut, specify custom divided lites according to a new design or ask our design professionals to assist in creating a pattern for your needs.

The result is a window or door that combines the detailing and craftsmanship of a small millwork house with the product performance delivered by an industry leader.

Below are some of our most frequently-requested divided-lite patterns:

Cottage A

Cottage B

Cottage T


Checkrail T


Prairie 4 Bottom-Left

Prairie 4 Bottom-Right

Prairie 4 Top-Left

Prairie 4 Top-Right

Prairie 6 Bottom

Prairie 6 Left-Hand

Prairie 6 Right-Hand

Prairie 6 Top

Prairie 9A

Prairie 9B

Prairie Checkrail

Trellis Horizontal

Trellis Vertical


Victorian Prairie


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