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Glazing and Glass Options

Marvin windows and doors are offered in a range of glazing options to meet the performance challenges of any climate. The correct glazing selection can meet code requirements and provide optimal and cost-saving energy-efficiency. Your Marvin dealer can recommend the best choices for your region.

Glazing and Energy Performance

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014

Insulating glass with Low E2 and argon gas come standard with Marvin products. Low E is a general term for low emissivity. Low E coatings are thin metallic layers on a glass surface that manipulate the sun’s light and heat by blocking or reflecting it. Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures the amount of heat transmitted through a window.

Low E2 is an all-climate glazing featuring two layers of silver on an inside surface of IG glass. It provides year round performance and comfort. In winter it reflects heat back into the room; in summer it blocks heat from the sun.

Low E3 glazing performs well in southern climates where sun exposure is intense and cooling costs are high. Three layers of metallic silver provide the best solar heat gain performance in environments where limited solar heat transmission is preferred.

Low E1 is often selected in northern regions because of its performance characteristics. It blocks heat loss to the exterior and reflects heat back into the room. Low E1 is ideal for building designs that take advantage of the sun’s radiant heat.

Performance Glazing Options

Tripane glazing, available with argon or krypton gas, provides excellent energy performance. Available in products where glazing thickness can be wider than ¾”, it features two coated panes of glass with a third pane sandwiched between them. It's available in a variety of Low E glass options. Tempered and laminated glazing options are available.

Please visit your Marvin Dealer for more information on ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 criteria.

Glass Options

Insulating Glass
Insulating Low E Glass (with or without argon)
Single Glazing with removable Energy Panel (wood units only)

Specialty Glass Options

Marvin offers a broad range of specialty glass options, including:

Gray Tint
Bronze Tint
Green Tint
Glue Chip
English 1/2" Reeded
Narrow Reeded
Austral (Cross Reeded)
White Laminated*
Satin Etched
Sandblasted (SC-75)

* Laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, gray, or green with tinted interlayers.

NOTE: Images may not be an accurate representation. Patterns and availability subject to change.


Wood Screen Surround
with Aluminum Exterior

Wood Screen Surround with Aluminum Surround

  • Creates a seamless wood interior
  • Screen mesh comes masked to allow no-mess staining or painting of the wood surround
  • Patented

Retractable Screen

The innovative Retractable Screen from Marvin® Windows and Doors makes the most of the Casement and Awning windows providing a screen that lets the breeze in and easily retracts out of sight to offer enjoyable scenery. A tight seal, a strong adjustable pull bar and hidden magnetic locking system ensure extraordinary performance and superior looks. Marvin’s unique concealed design makes the screen nearly undetectable when the screen is in the retracted position. No more replacing screens with the seasons again.

  • Universal Design – easy to reach, easy to operate by pulling the screen form side to side for casement windows or pull the screen from top to bottom on awning windows
  • Concealed system seamlessly blends in, without intruding into daylight opening
  • Retro-fit capability allows simple conversion of existing unit (Ultimate Casements and Ultimate Awnings)
  • Installation friendly system – easy to remove, clean, paint or stain
Retractable Screen
in closed position

When screen is in the closed position, the retractable screen is virtually undetectable

Retractable Screen
easy operation

When screen is needed, simply glide the retractable screen across window to put in place

Retractable Screen
Fully Retracted (open)

When side open views are preferred, the retractable screen effortless integrates into window jamb

Screen Mesh Options

Charcoal High Transparency Mesh * +
Charcoal Fiberglass Mesh *
Charcoal Aluminum Wire
Black Aluminum Wire
Bright Aluminum Wire
Bright Bronze Wire

  1. * Charcoal High Transparency Mesh is standard with a wood screen surround or an option for aluminum screen surround. Charcoal Fiberglass Mesh is standard on both wood and aluminum screen surrounds.
  2. + Retractable Screen available with Charcoal High Transparency Mesh only

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