Polygons and Special Shapes

Special Shape Window Interior View

Wood Species

Interior finishes are available on all wood species.

Pine (Standard)


Douglas Fir


Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

White Oak

Not all wood species are available for this finish option. (Click here to reset options.)

Stain Options







Not all finish options are available for this wood specie. (Click here to reset options.)

Other Finish Options


Primed Pine

Clear Coat

Not all finish options are available for this wood specie. (Click here to reset options.)

Wood is a product of nature and will vary in color, texture and grain. The wood options shown above are to demonstrate the approximate look of each species only. The photos are not intended to reflect a product's interior or exterior profile.

Jamb Extensions

To aid with installation and create a seamless wood interior, Marvin offers factory-applied jamb extensions. Jamb extensions increase the depth of the window to accommodate the thickness of the wall.
  • 4 9/16" (116 mm) jambs are standard except where noted.
  • Jamb extensions for doors are available up to 9 9/16" (243 mm), and for windows up to 14" (355.6 mm). Larger custom jamb extensions are also available through Marvin. Contact your local Marvin retailer for more information.

Ultimate Casement In-Sash Polygon

Ultimate Casement In-Sash Polygons match the sightlines of Marvin Ultimate Casement window products and are available in 67 variations on 9 different shapes including triangular, trapezoidal and octagonal units. Many of the shapes are operating, with either right-hand or left-hand openings. The operating octagon shape is available in an awning configuraton.

See Standard Features listed above.

Sticking Options

Sticking Options

The interior edge detail where glazing meets wood is called sticking, sometimes referenced as bead. While ovolo or ogee sticking is usually featured, square sticking can be specified for a clean, crisp, more contemporary look. Simulated divided lite bars in products with square sticking echo the design and share square profiles.

Square sticking is unavailable on IZ4 and fire-rated units, those with authentic divided lite, or with single glazing, and Tilt Pac units.


From our family to yours.

From our family to yours.