Specialty Double Hung Windows

Simulated Double Hung Hopper

The Clad Simulated Double Hung Hopper is the perfect solution for large openings in an institutional setting where double hung windows are preferred but not practical.

  • High perforrmance makes this window very energy efficient
  • Can be glazed in 1/8" single page up through 1" insulating glass
  • Limited accessibility and multipoint locks provide security
  • Easy to operate, even at 5 by 10 feet
  • Hidden screen for open windows for ventilation
  • Available with ogee lugs

Double Hung Chain and Pulley

Classic solid wood window with traditional lines, profiles and hardware.

  • Ideal for adding authenticity to historical renovation—or old-world warmth to new construction.
  • Sophisticated hardware and craftsmanship with counterbalanced sash ensure smooth, nearly effortless operation.
  • Concealed weatherstrip provides energy efficiency without compromising architectural lines.
  • Available as Double Hung or Single hung.
  • Choose from rectangular sash radius shapes, including eyebrow and half-rounds, accompanying transom and picture units also available.
  • Chains and pulleys are available in a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Wood only.

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