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The Innovation Behind The Beauty

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Features, Options, and Specifications

Glass and Glazing Options

Marvin offers a range of standard, performance and specialty glass options:

Performance Glass Options

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014

Glazing options such as LoĒ²-272® and LoĒ³-366® enhance energy performance.

Tripane glazing, available with argon or krypton gas, provides excellent energy performance. Tripane features two coated panes of glass with a third pane spaced between them. It's available with LoĒ²-272 on both panes, with LoĒ-180 on both panes for high SHGC, or with LoĒ³-366 on the exterior pane and LoĒ-179 on the interior pane for low SHGC. Tempered and laminated glazing options are available to meet special safety and impact requirements.

Please visit your Marvin Dealer for more information on ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 criteria.

Glass Options

Insulating Glass
Insulating LoĒ² Glass (with or without argon)

Specialty Glass Options

Marvin offers a broad range of specialty glass options, including:

Gray Tint
Bronze Tint
Green Tint
Glue Chip
English 1/2" Reeded
Narrow Reeded
Austral (Cross Reeded)
White Laminated*
Satin Etched
Sandblasted (SC-75)

* Laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, gray, or green with tinted interlayers.

NOTE: Images may not be an accurate representation. Patterns and availability subject to change.

Screens and Combinations

  • Full Screen - Exterior screen with an aluminum clad surround. (See Exterior Clad Color Options)
  • Half Screen - Exterior screen with an aluminum clad surround. The screen covers only the lower portion of the window. (See Exterior Clad Color Options)
  • Storm and Screen Combinations - A combination unit is composed of two glass panels and one screen panel. panels can be arranged in many ways: glass above screen, screen above glass or glass above glass. One of the glass panels slides behind the other for self storage when the screen is in use. Panels can be easily removed from the interior for cleaning. Available with a wood or aluminum clad surround. (See Exterior Clad Color Options)
  • Retractable Screen - The innovative Retractable Screen is a factory-installed screen that easily retracts out of sight when not in use. Like an airplane shade, the Retractable Screen provides smooth, quiet operation. The screen can be drawn to rest at one of two stop points. The resulting seal at either the sill or at the checkrail lets the breeze in while keeping insects out. The screen is released from its set position with a click of the latch on the pull bar. With lift assist action, the screen returns to its concealed position as smoothly as it was drawn.
Full Screen
Half Screen
Storm and Screen Combinations
Retractable Screen,
fully closed
Retractable Screen,
half closed

Screen Mesh Options

Charcoal High Transparency Mesh*
Charcoal Fiberglass*
Charcoal Aluminum Wire

Black Aluminum Wire
Bright Aluminum Wire
Bright Bronze Wire

* Charcoal Fiberglass mesh is standard on both wood and aluminum screen surrounds.


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