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Over time, there have been countless variations in American home styles, many of them a combination of more than one. The broad and brief overviews in this section are loosely defined and aimed at helping you choose which Marvin Windows and Doors are best for your home. After all, each Marvin product experience is Built around you®.

Whatever your taste and preferences, Marvin products can help provide just the right mix of architectural detail and enhancements to express your style and complement your design.
While traditional style is more rooted in history, contemporary style is a reflection of a more modern, updated aesthetic. Open spaces, large windows and clean lines as well as asymmetrical design schemes are common in contemporary homes.

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Traditional style is rooted in the familiar, taking cues from both regional and historical aesthetics. A traditional sensibility is often more symmetrical in its considerations for both exteriors and interiors.

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When window and door orders come in, wood is sent to the Double-End (DE) Moulder...

When window and door orders come in, wood is sent to the Double-End (DE) Moulders - Machining area. Moulders form the piece of wood in a sash, frame or screen component. Meet Somphone Keosay, who is ...